Enjoy your beautiful life

Beauty has always been costly. By the time you have been plucked,pinched and enhance you can easily spent on latest product.

All beautiful ladies here are some steps to take care of your beautiful skin

1.cleanse the skin .Wash your face with Luke warm water then use purifying cleanser.

2.Use a tonner.Tonner delivers essential nutrients and vitamins directly to your skin to restore balance.

3.For ur beautiful eyes u can use anti wrinkle creme…it reduces wrinkles

4.Wash your face either at night or day use serum.It firms and tones ur skin.

5.Dear apira u can also use anti aging products at night to regenerate skin cells and smooth fine lines.

6.Beautiful ladies out there don’t forget to use moisturiser both day and night…as leaving it dry can produce more oil.

7.Dont forget to use sunscreen before going out.

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